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What is the Treatment for Hearing Loss?

The treatment for hearing loss really depends on how the hearing loss was acquired. There are two types of hearing loss treatments that we work with: reversible & permanent hearing loss.

Reversible Hearing Loss Treatment

Reversible hearing loss is often acquired through exposure to loud sounds or ear infections. Treatment for this type of hearing loss involves using medicine to deal with the issue as well as time to allow the ear to heal. Injuries to the head can also result in hearing loss, which can be reversible or permanent depending on the severity of the injury. Sometimes all that needs to be treated is the buildup of earwax in your ear!

Permanent Hearing Loss Treatment

Permanent hearing loss is most often the result of aging or extreme noise exposure. There is treatment available to those with permanent hearing loss that can help make sounds louder, but they do not restore hearing. Hearing aids or implanted hearing devices, like a cochlear implant, are necessary aids for dealing with permanent hearing loss.

How Do You Know If You Need Treatment for Hearing Loss?

With most reversible hearing loss issues, hearing loss is immediately noticeable due to sudden degradation in hearing from an infection or injury to the ear. However, if you are suffering from age-related hearing loss, you might not realize the extent of your hearing loss until you seek out help from your physician to take a hearing test. This will allow you to find out if hearing loss treatment is necessary.

Need a Hearing Aid Doctor in Waterford?

We deal with the treatment of hearing loss all the time and our doctors are skilled with helping you get a hearing aid to assist with any type of permanent or prolonged hearing loss. Please give us a call during business hours at (860) 442-0407 if you need a hearing aid doctor in Waterford, Connecticut.