The Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of SE Connecticut in Waterford (with another location in Mystic) are skilled in diagnosing and treating many types of ear issues and conditions. Have you been feeling dizzy, suffering from tinnitus or battling an ear infection? We can help you – make an appointment with us today!

The most common type of ear disorder is an ear infection, which is most often seen in infants and children, however adults are certainly not immune. There has also been a rising number of complaints for tinnitus, a loud ringing / buzzing / humming noise of the ear, caused by exposure to loud noises or certain medications.

Symptoms of Ear Conditions

Ear problems can cause a wide variety of symptoms that might lead you to think that the issue might not be with your ear! For example, if you have been feeling dizzy (vertigo), nauseous, or off-balanced this could actually be a symptom of common ear conditions that we provide treatment for all the time. Many times you will be referred to an otolaryngologist  by your general doctor after examining you for common ear, nose & throat issues.

Ear Conditions We Treat

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